Planetarium Shows

May 2023 Shows

All planetarium shows begin at 7:30pm. Admission opens at 7:00pm. Telescope viewing afterwards on clear nights

May 6th & 13th – 3D Printing in Space

What is 3D printing, and how does it work? Join us for a tour of 3D printing processes and learn how they are being applied to further the missions of space exploration!

Presented by Chris Bero

May 20th – Stars Around the World

Join professional educator Beth Bero in a journey of discov-
ery as we learn how people around the world see the night-
time sky.

Presented by Beth Bero

May 27th – Sounds of Space

Just because Space is a vacuum does not stop the Universe
from singing! From Geiger counters to the latest and greatest
Radio telescopes, all of this data can be altered to fit into our
very narrow range of hearing through Sonification. This data
can be used to make truly alien music and more importantly
give an entirely different perspective to how we approach
science by using our ears instead of our eyes.

Presented by Michael Buford