April 14th – Messier Marathon

This event has concluded. Thanks to all who attended!

Bring your telescope and join us Friday after dark on April 14th for our 2023 “Messier Marathon” Star Party in the VBAS observing field in the Monte Sano State Park. The gate opens at 6:30pm, sundown is 7:18pm. The observing starts as soon as it’s dark and goes until the last telescope is standing! Seasoned observers will be on-hand to assist newer observers in setting up and using their telescopes.  The term “Messier Marathon” is used to describe an effort to observe all 110 deep sky Messier objects in one night.  This is possible during several times of the year, but all 110 objects are most accessible to viewers in the Spring months of March and April during or near new Moons.

But this is not a contest! The real goal is to hone your observing skills, log as many Messier objects you can, and enjoy the company of other like-minded amateur astronomers. It’s a great opportunity for newer observers to learn more about the night sky and to learn observing techniques from more experienced members. 

Saturday, April 15th is the rain date for the marathon.