Sanford Library

The Ann Sanford Memorial Library contains one of the largest collections of astronomy related publications in the Southeast! It is located on the first floor of the Wilhelm Angele Observatory and is accessible by members of VBAS to expand their knowledge and inspire new explorations.


The Von Braun Astronomical Society hosts two permanent observatory facilities on its campus within Monte Sano State Park: the Conrad Swanson Observatory and the Wilhelm Angele Observatory. VBAS also maintains portable telescopes for field use.


The Wernher Von Braun Planetarium is a very useful tool for teaching astronomy and for revealing the wonders of the sky to the public. It is a natural companion to our observatories. During its construction in 1963, the planetarium was furnished by volunteer VBAS members. Its GOTO Model S-2 projector was donated by Mr. Frank Wyle on behalf of Wyle Laboratories on May 25 of the same year.