User Manuals

Welcome to VBAS User Manuals!

This section contains all the currently available User Manuals for the various instruments and facilities of VBAS in PDF Format.

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Network & Facilities

VBAS Network IP Map

Facilities Map

Von Braun Planetarium

Spitz Projector User Manual

Spitz Projector Lamp Data

Spitz Projector Wiring Diagram


Swanson Observatory

Swanson Telescope User Manual

Swanson Telescope Balancing

Swanson Dome Doors Wiring and Operations

Swanson Dome Wiring Diagram

Swanson Telescope Handpad Controller

Swanson Encoders Wiring Diagram

Swanson Video Capture and Streaming

Swanson Focuser Description

Swanson Focuser User Manual

Angele Observatory

C16 User Manual