May 19th – Annual Membership Meeting

The May meeting will be our Annual Meeting, where we elect new board members and vote on changes to the bylaws.


Bylaws changes were proposed by the Bylaws Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors, who recommends a vote of approval by the membership.

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Officer Elections in May

The following offices are up for election at our May 19th meeting (7:00 PM) and the nominating committee has found these candidates for office:

  • Vice President: Joe Kutner
  • Director of Facilities and Equipment: Tom Derington
  • Director of Education and Programs: Alexandra Hall
  • Treasurer: Eric Silkowski¬† (incumbent)
  • Student Director: Greyden Kutner

Any member in good standing is eligible to be an officer. If you’re interested in running one of these positions, please contact Michael Buford at michaelcbuford[@]