Planetarium Shows

November 2023 Planetarium Shows

All planetarium shows begin at 7:30pm.

Admission opens at 7:00pm; $5/adult, $3/student, 6 and under free.

Telescope viewing afterwards on clear nights.

November 4 – All About Stars

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are? In this presentation, we’ll take a look at stars – big ones, small ones, explosive ones, sputtering ones, brand new ones, ancient ones, and ones that are long dead. We’ll also take a look at the November Night Skies and highlight star birth, life and death.

Presented by Alex Hall

November 11 – Stars fell on Alabama

Come celebrate our Alabama heritage seen through the lens of meteorites and meteor showers! Objects both large and small have landed in Alabama, both in deep history and more recently. Learn how we observe such occurrences every night and how you can search for rocks that fall on Alabama!

Presented by Beth Bero

November 18 – Kepler, Master of the Planets

Johannes Kepler was an incredible mathematician and astronomer. We will take a brief look at his life and contributions to science. We will also talk about the planets that have been discovered around other stars in our galaxy using data from the Kepler Space Telescope.

Presented by Gena Crook

November 25 – No Show!

We are taking off for the weekend. Have a happy Thanksgiving (and Iron Bowl!)