Planetarium Shows

January 2023 Shows

All planetarium shows begin at 7:30pm. Admission opens at 7:00pm. Telescope viewing afterwards on clear nights.

January 7th – The Planetarium: A Magic Carpet

We can use the star projector in the planetarium to pretend to fly anywhere on Earth – like a magic carpet! Gena Crook will demonstrate the motion of the stars across the sky at the equator, the north pole, and the southern hemisphere. We will also watch how the sun changes positions at these locations. You may be surprised if you haven’t actually been to the equator or the north pole in person! This program will put the star projector to work and allow us to see its unique educational capabilities.

Presented by Gena.

January 14th – “So you got a telescope for Christmas”

A wide ranging discussion, about types of telescopes, and telescope accessories. Topics such as what
are the best (and cheapest) low power 1.25” or 2” eyepieces? What focal length eyepiece will give you
the best view for deep-sky objects? What eyepiece filters are the best for nebulae, or for planets?
What is atmospheric dispersion, and how can a $130.00 dispersion corrector result in much better views
of the planets.

Presented by Frank

January 21st – Wandering Stars

To the skywatchers of long ago, the bright stars that moved periodically among the fixed stars were known as the Wanderers. Today we know them as the planets. Right now you can see several bright planets in the night sky. Come and find out more about planet spotting and the various paths they follow.

Presented by Alex.

January 28th – Kids Night at the Planetarium

Bring your kiddos out for a night at the planetarium specifically for them. We will learn about the moon and try out some fun activities for the young (or young at heart). 

Presented by Delisa.