December 2022 Shows

Star of Wonder

December 3rd, 10th at 7:30pm

On the evenings of December 3rd and December 10th VBAS will be hosting its special “Star of Wonder” planetarium show.  This show is unique in that VBAS volunteers dress up as the 3 Wisemen and present the Christmas Story from a first century perspective.  Be prepared to enter the world of 1st century Judea as the planetarium is filled with incense and songs of the season.  The Wisemen’s story will include reading excerpts from the Bible of the Christmas Story and a scientific analysis of the potential causes of the star that guided them to Bethlehem.  Of course, in the bags they carry the Wisemen will have treats for children in attendance.  Be sure to arrive early as this show typically fills up quickly.  We will have telescope viewing from our observing field following the show weather permitting.

Presented by Donald Reed, Jared Cassidy, and Tom Burleson

Star of Wonder

December 17th at 7:30pm

What exactly was the star that the Wisemen saw? Was it a star that stood in the sky two-thousand years ago and marked a single location in Bethlehem? Each year at this special time, VBAS turns back the hands of time to look into the sky of long ago and search for this mysterious object. As we ponder the skies of Bethlehem, we’ll explore several possibilities including comets, meteors, novae and other phenomena as well as examine the origins of some of the Christmas traditions we celebrate today.

Presented by Beth Bero

CLOSED for Winter Break

December 24th, 31st