April Virtual Monthly Meeting

While April’s monthly member meeting has been cancelled due to our current policy for in-person events, the guest presentation has moved online!

Join us an learn about “The Art of Solar Astrophotography Using Narrowband Imaging” with Joe Matus, a local NASA engineer who is sharing insights to the hardware, software, and process of photographing our nearest star.

The Art of Solar Astrophotography Using Narrowband Imaging (Final)


Night at the Observatory

VBAS is pleased to announce a new program that provides guests an opportunity to direct an observing session using the historic Swanson 21” telescope with a modern digital camera. Our Night At The Observatory is a personalized program that allows small groups to experience an evening of observing deep-sky objects of their choice. And the fun doesn’t end when the night is done because at the end of the evening you will take home the images acquired during your observing session. A VBAS certified operator will assist in target acquisition and imaging and can make suggestions for interesting deep-sky objects to discover.

Your Night At The Observatory requires no prior training or experience with telescopes. You will learn some of the fascinating history of the observatory and how to operate the large telescope. Contact Jeff Delmas, Observatory Director, to book your own Night At The Observatory. See the file below for details and prices.