Partial Eclipse Viewing at VBAS

Image from 2023 partial eclipse. Credit Jeff Delmas.

When: April 8th at 12:00pm, noon.
Where: VBAS. Our observing field is just outside of the facility.
Why: VBAS will have safe solar viewing equipment set up in the field for the public.

Remember: do not look directly at the sun, even during a partial eclipse! Sunglasses alone will not protect your eyes!

Staying in Huntsville during the April 8th solar eclipse? Join us at the VBAS observing field to safely observe the partial solar eclipse! At VBAS’s location the eclipse will begin shortly after noon, and reach peak occlusion at 2:00pm. The eclipse will reach roughly 90%, but not totality.

Image of 2023 annular eclipse from Garner State Park in Texas. Credit Mitzi Adams.