Planetarium Shows

March 2024 Planetarium Shows

All planetarium shows begin at 7:30pm.

Admission opens at 7:00pm; $5/adult, $3/student, 6 and under free.

Telescope viewing afterwards on clear nights.

March 2 – Sounds of Space

There’s no sound in space…right? While sound as we know it may not propagate through a true vacuum, these sound waves have many ways to be interpreted both for scientific and artistic purposes.

Join us to learn more about both near Earth and deep space oddities and discoveries!

Presented by Michael Buford

March 9 – The MOON Show!

The Moon is unusually large for a small planet like Earth. How might its origin may have been different from the other 289 known moons in our solar system ? We will explore the interesting lunar features, visible even in a small telescope and how they formed.

Presented by Frank Schenck

March 16 – Spring Skies

Our place in space at this time of year allows us a view into the deepest parts of the Universe to see many treasures. Amateur astronomers plan marathons in Spring to try to observe as many as possible! We will explore the spring constellations and some of the “treasures” that you can discover.

Presented by Alex Hall

March 23 – Planetarium Centennial

Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by the starry sky and the secrets of the universe and devised many artistic and mechanical wonders to try to bring it down to Earth. In October 1923 the first ‘modern’ planetarium projector was unveiled in Jena, Germany and the first planetarium opened to the public on May 7, 1925 in Munich. Today, planetariums inform and inspire, stimulating the imagination like no other venue can. In this 100th year of the planetarium, learn about our quest to represent the sky!

Presented by Tom Burleson

March 30 – American Eclipse

On April 8 the US will be treated to the awesome spectacle of a total solar eclipse. Come learn how and where to safely experience this special solar event.

Presented by Mitzi Adams