November 2022 Members Meeting

Please join us at 7:30pm on November 18th for our monthly members meeting at VBAS!

Radio Astronomy from the Moon: A discussion on the science from upcoming CLPS missions to the lunar surface with low frequency radioastronomy instruments

We’re welcoming guest speaker Dr. Heidi Haviland, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

Heidi’s scientific research focuses on understanding planetary interiors using electromagnetic geophysical methods, neutron measurements, seismic normal modes, and the space plasma environment of airless bodies such as the Moon. She is the project scientist of the Neutron Measurements at the Lunar Surface (NMLS) instrument that will fly on Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission one, and a science team member on the InSight mission. Heidi also leads an interdisciplinary research group focused on understanding the chemistry of the Moon through thermoelastic and petrological modeling. Heidi is the Project Scientist for the CLPS PRISM1a (CP-11) delivery which will investigate the Reiner Gamma surface swirl.