October 2022 Shows

Retrogrades, Oppositions and Conjunctions

Saturday, October 8, 7:30pm

Mercury must be retrograde. Mars is at opposition. There’s a conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon.

Phrases like these are often found in popular media and are used by astronomers to describe the relative positions of things in the sky. But what do those terms mean? We can use our star projector to help us see how the view from Earth is a little more complex than the view from space.

Presented by Alex Hall.

The Golden Record

Saturday, October 15, 7:30pm

We will be discussing the Voyager mission, and reviewing the contents and inscriptions on the Golden Record.

Presented by Maggie Stevens

Astronomy Day!

October 22nd

Spooky Skies

Saturday, October 29, 7:30pm

What was that light in the sky? Was it dangerous? A portent of evil? Come celebrate dark and spooky events in the sky with amateur astronomer Beth Bero at the planetarium. This program is NOT scary, so it is safe to bring the younger members of the family.

Presented by Beth Bero.