Planetarium Shows

June Planetarium Shows

Astronomer William Herschel

Saturday June 11, 7:30: William Herschel made numerous discoveries that give cause for some to call him the father of modern astronomy. His most famous discovery doubled the size of the Solar System. Come learn about this musician/composer turned astronomer/telescope maker who left forever one of the biggest marks in the history of astronomy. 

Presented by Jared Cassidy, VBAS Planetarium Director

Summer Stars

Saturday June 18, 7:30: Come learn the brightest stars, constellations and star lore, just in time for your next camping trip! We’ll cover the basics: the brightest stars, most prominent constellations, meteor showers, what to do with binoculars or a small telescope, and where to learn more.

Presented by Don Martin

Standing Stones and Sungazers

Saturday June 25, 7:30: In recognition of the Summer Solstice a few days earlier, we will explore how ancient civilizations marked the passage of the year through monuments, monoliths and markers.

Presented by Alex Hall