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Monte Sano State Park


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Public Planetarium Shows

Wernher von Braun Planetarium

VBAS Planetarium Dome

Jared CassidyWernher von Braun Planetarium

Our VBAS members and guest speakers present a variety of astronomy related programs in our planetarium every Saturday at 7:30 pm for the public and by special arrangements for groups at other times. Our programs are presenter lead presentations Spitz A3P Projector projected onto our dome with three HD digital projectors. Most of our presentations are developed by individual presenters and this allows the audience to have an opportunity to interact with someone who has researched the particular topic and can likely answer most of your questions. While the majority of our shows are suitable for most ages, some topics may be a bit more technical than others. A program on black holes or the structure of stars may be little more difficult for younger audience members to understand compared to a show about one of the planets or a Harry Potter themed show. Our show will also include a "star show" using our Spitz A3P Planetarium Projector to project of the current night sky's stars on the dome, where you will learn to find some of the key constellations visible that night. Follow this link for directions to our facilities or you can click the "Directions" link in the General menu on the left. We recommended that you plan to arrive 30 minutes before our programs in order to have time to park and find a seat.

If you have any questions about our Saturday night programs, contact our Planetarium Director, Jared Cassidy and if you would like to schedule a group program, contact our Director of Education and Programs, Gena Crook.

Admission for Saturday Night Programs

Admission is $5 for Adults, $3 for Students, and free for children under 6, as well as VBAS members. All seating is general admission payable at the door. We are unable to offer pre-sale admission. Weather permitting, you will have the opportunity to look at some of the wonders of the universe through our telescopes following the planetarium program with the help of our experienced and knowledgeable observing crew.

Our Public Planetarium Shows in the Wernher von Braun Planetarium start at 7:30 PM


2020 Upcoming Planetarium Shows

Below is the tentative schedule of our regular Saturday night public planetarium shows in the Wernher von Braun Planetarium for 2020. In 2020 we have a wide variety of programs scheduled in our planetarium focusing on our solar system. Additionally, we have a few other programs sprinkled throughout the year on the current night sky, deep sky objects, and spaceflight history, just to name a few.   ***Please note that topics may change and presenters may change without notice.


Date Topic Presenter

1/4/2020 Uranus and Neptune: The Ice Giants Naveen Vetcha
1/11/2020 Uranus and Neptune: The Ice Giants Jourdain Johnson
1/18/2020 How to Use a Telescope Frank Schenck
1/25/2020 Uranus and Neptune: The Ice Giants Jourdain Johnson

2/1/2020 Pluto Nick Schragal
2/8/2020 Pluto Nick Schragal
2/15/2020 Pluto Nick Schragal
2/22/2020 Russian History in Space Michael Buford
2/29/2020 Winter Skies Brenda Rogers

3/7/2020 Sun Mitzi Adams
3/14/2020 Sun Mitzi Adams
3/21/2020 Magic  Carpet Gena Crook
3/28/2020 Sun Mitzi Adams

4/4/2020 Venus Brenda Rogers
4/11/2020 Venus Brenda Rogers
4/18/2020 Earth Day 50th Beth Bero
4/25/2020 Habitability of Venus' upper atmosphere Griffin Mcvoy

5/2/2020 Deep Sky Objects Jared Cassidy
5/9/2020 Spring Skies Sashank Vanga
5/16/2020 Aurora Brenda Rogers
5/23/2020 Mercury Jourdain Johnson
5/30/2020 Mercury Jourdain Johnson

6/6/2020 Comets Naveen Vetcha
6/13/2020 Comets Naveen Vetcha
6/20/2020 Magic Carpet Gena Crook
6/27/2020 Comets Naveen Vetcha

7/4/2020 Asteroids Eric Silkowski
7/11/2020 Asteroids Eric Silkowski
7/18/2020 Summer Skies Delisa Collette
7/25/2020 Asteroids Eric Silkowski

8/1/2020 Saturn Frank Schenck
8/8/2020 Native American Sky Lore Naveen Vetcha
8/15/2020 Saturn Sashank Vanga
8/22/2020 3D printing Chris Bero
8/29/2020 Saturn Brenda Rogers

9/5/2020 Jupiter Tom Burleson
9/12/2020 Jupiter Tom Burleson
9/19/2020 Magic Carpet Gena Crook
9/26/2020 Jupiter Tom Burleson

10/3/2020 ExoPlanets Nick Schragal
10/10/2020 ExoPlanets Nick Schragal
10/17/2020 Huntsville's Place in Space History Michael Buford
10/24/2020 Astornomy Day Guest Speaker
10/31/2020 Halloween/Spooky Skies Jared Cassidy

11/7/2020 Mars Brenda Rogers
11/14/2020 Mars Brenda Rogers
11/21/2020 Mars Brenda Rogers
11/28/2020 Star of Wonder TBD

12/5/2020 Star of Wonder TBD
12/12/2020 Star of Wonder TBD
12/19/2020 Star of Wonder TBD
12/26/2020 Magic Carpet Gena Crook
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